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Rockfish Conservation Area Boundaries
I have drawn 164 of the 166 Rockfish Conservation Area boundaries as GPX tracks using the locations given in the 2007 (current) DFO booklet. The common GPX format will allow the RCA boundaries to display on the chart in most modern computer-based chart-plotter software. The files are also available in the Nobeltec format for older versions that can’t import GPX. The file arrangement is based on the 2007 RCA booklet's arrangement by Area numbers.  You can import all or any of these area-numbered groups, or pick out just the particular RCA that you are concerned with.  There is no guarantee of accuracy although I havem’t found any errors in several years of use.  The files are freely available to all. If DFO makes changes I will try to incorporate them, but as I have no way of knowing who is using these files, it will be up to you to come back here and get the new ones. Email me and I will send you the files (the zips are quite small). You should probably get the DFO RCA booklet pdf to use in conjunction with these files, here
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